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Mikki Koomar

Mikki Koomar is an international model, actor, producer, entrepreneur, martial artist, philanthropist, and the most influential international celebrity. He has over 3.5 million followers on Instagram and millions of followers on social media. He has also traveled to over 30 countries and has a global influence in more than 100 countries worldwide.

In addition, Mr. Koomar is associated with numerous international humanitarian organizations, chambers of commerce, royal houses, corporate companies, business communities, sports organizations, and cultural associations. He has been felicitated by global organizations and business communities and recognized by the government of India as an international icon. Mikki Koomar was awarded the Bharat Ratan Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam (former President of India) award as the International Icon by the Governor of Maharashtra, Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari (Government of India), and an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Doctor of Letters by St. Mother Teresa University for Digital Educational Excellence and Sustainable Development, which is accredited by JBR Harvard in the United States. affiliated with the Cambridge Distance School of Education, UK.

Mikki Koomar was born on 20th February 1989 in Mumbai city, India. He has completed his education from Mumbai’s one of the most reputed colleges “Thakur College of Science and Commerce”. He made headlines at the age of 12 after winning the National level gold medal in the 10th all India International Itosukai Shotokan cup karate championship in 2002. His achievements were published in one of the most reputed newspapers called Saamana. He bagged a silver medal in the All India full contact karate championship in 2002. He won 2 medals, one for Kata performance and the second one is in the Kumite competition in Gensei-Ryu seidokai international karate-do federation in 2003.

When he was just 16 years old that was the 2nd time he appeared in the news, after winning the National level gold medal in all India karate tournament, which was published in one of the most reputed newspapers the Navbharat Times. He won 2 medals, one for Kata performance and the second one in Kumite competition in 15th national world Funakoshi Shotokan karate championship in 2004.

After completing his education, Mikki moved to Bangkok to complete his Martial Arts training, and he worked as a fighter in an underground fight club in Bangkok. During that time, He worked as the Assistant fight choreographer and Assistant action director in many Thai and Korean movies. He has completed 1st Dan black belt training from Shotokan karate do-international federation – Japan and 3rd Dan black belt in Korean taekwondo arts from Kukkiwon International headquarters – Korea.

He was working as a Dance choreographer and lead dancer for the National and International Dance shows in the freestyle Bollywood and western hip-hop genres. And those things motivated him to do more things in dance and fitness, and also he was looking for a modeling career as well, so He participated in the Indian male model competition that was organized by international fashion designers. After winning the Indian Male Model 2013 title, some fashion designers offered him for the brand ambassadorship to collaborate with their brands. And he became the brand ambassador for German and African brands”.

He got invited to the India’s biggest fashion event “LAKME FASHION WEEK” by a German Fashion Designer. While completing his acting diploma from International Actor “ANUPAM KHER’S ACTOR PREPARES”, and He worked as a model with Bollywood’s legend celebrity photographer and film director Mr. Jayesh Sheth.’’ After that in 2015, he got another sportswear brand from the United States called “POWER THREAD”. In 2016. He moved to Brazil for the International film collaboration as an actor and producer. And He worked with some Brazilian film production companies in Brazil. In 2017 he got invited at the “ARGENTINA FASHION WEEK” and during that trip, he learned tango dance in Buenos Aires; he is a certified tango dancer from Argentina. In 2018, He got selected for a CMG Paris fashion week as an International model and prominent figure. He had an official International photoshoot in Paris for the American brand ‘Cupani fashion’ and He became the ambassador for a French brand called “ROYAL ROADSTER”. After that, he got published in the United States of America’s fashion magazine called “AMAZING”. During that time he got invited at the “ROME INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL” in Rome –Italy. And work there in theatre plays with Italian Actors. He had an interview with the Middle East’s reputed Media called Al-Quds, Al-Watan voice, Alfajer tv, Akhbaron, Akhbarak, Watana news, PNN news, and 100.8fm. He becomes the Brand Ambassador of the world’s one of the biggest communities Wockhardt foundation to represent it globally. He is felicitated by the Vivekananda world peace foundation (approved by the United Nations and the ministry of corporate affairs, the government of India). He is felicitated with India’s prestigious and former Prime Minister award called “RAJIV GANDHI GLOBAL EXCELLENCE AWARD” and Indian Achievers award as an International youth Icon conferred by Member of Parliament and Delhi “BJP” President Mr. Manoj Tiwari at the constitution club of India. He is  felicitated with India’s prestigious former President called “BHARAT RATNA APJ ABDUL KALAM AWARD”. Mikki Koomar was honored with the brand ambassador award at the Newsome lupus pageant and award in Houston, Texas (United States of America), and the International youth icon award from Gibson lupus arc in the United States of America. Shining on the cover page for an International fashion magazine called “DEAN”.

In 2020, Mikki Koomar dazzled on the cover page personality for the American Magazine called “ENTREPRENEUR PLATFORM” in the USA.

Mikki Koomar was appointed as the Peace Ambassador For the world’s one of the biggest Organizations called Rotary club Conferred by the Governor of the  Rotary Club of Mumbai Khar in India. He was recognized by the Rotary club for his outstanding performance in the International fashion industry and He got felicitated as the Honorary Rotarian by the Rotary International.

Dr. Koomar Honored with Honorary doctorate Doctor (Honoris Causa) conferred by Instituto Teologico de Misao an Ultima Trombetta – ITMUT, Theological institute mission the last trumpet – Brazil. He got honored with Doctorate In the field of Creativity, Humanity, and International culture Conferred by the President and Founder of the International Forum of Creativity and Humanity.

And He felicitated with an Honorary professor In the field of Sports and performing arts Conferred by Instituto Teologico de Misao an Ultima Trombetta – ITMUT – brazil. Theological Institute Mission the last trumpet in association with Generation Light International Bible University – Nigeria – USA

He was appointed as an International Brand Ambassador for the Access to Human Rights International in Bangladesh. He became the Vice president of the “INDIA FINE ARTS COUNCIL”.

Dr. Koomar was honored by the royal of Amanuban kingdom – West Timor – Indonesia. He got honored by the Royal house Of Sultan Abdul Momin iii, His Royal Majesty King Abdul Momin iii Royal Kingdom of Brunei. Mikki Koomar Honored by World international economic group world international organization Committee world United Nations and World women economic International cooperations – Malaysia.

He felicitated with Doctorate in Performing Arts and Honored as the International Noble Ambassador at United Nobles Rescue Services Organization Conferred by the national board of trustee and the Director Nobles and Rescue Marshal/Rescue Superintendent General, His Excellency, Amb. Steve Midalah (RSG) Nigeria.

Dr. Mikki Koomar Honored with doctorate in the field of humanitarian services spreading peace and humanity Conferred by Honorable Global Commandant General, Professor, director of education and training of United Nations Peacekeeping forces council Southeast Asia, and the Founder of “Dynamic Peace Rescue Mission International”

Mikki Koomar Honored for higher results and professionalism in the field of science, culture, education Literature, creativity, journalism, Humanism, human rights, and preservation of peace around the world by World Universal Hapkido. Dr. Koomar Honored with Doctorate In The Field Of Arts – Culture, And Peace Conferred By Generation Light International Bible University Affiliated To Biblical University, Lagos – Nigeria and Grace International Bible University, Liberia And USA. Association with Access to Human Rights International. He got honored along with the Diplomats, United Nations Goodwill Ambassadors, United Nations Representatives, Royalties, and Numerous Personalities around the World.

He was appointed as a General Secretary of India for the Italian organization Tripla difesa Onlus International No violence diplomatic mission criminal justice commission human rights from Italy.

Mikki Koomar felicitated with the honorary member for the Russian organization “world universal hapkido”. He has felicitated as global peace ambassador conferred by the diplomatic mission global peace International organization with United Nations sustainable development goals SG and world health organization and felicitated as a world peace ambassador and world ambassador for India’s biggest community Wockhardt foundation. He has been appointed as a peace ambassador by the SPMUDA international for peace and development. And appointed as the cultural ambassador for the royal house of Baloi. He was appointed as a director at SPMUDA international chamber of commerce and industry, inc –Philippines. Mikki Koomar is the proud holder of many International Awards and has been appreciated and acknowledged by the esteemed Royalties on several occasions. He is, in addition, the Chairman and the Managing Director of the Xtreme Entertainment Production Private Limited and the Founder and International President of the United Nexus Organization. It is the non-Governmental Organization and International Community, which is associated with the International humanitarian organization, royal houses, sports associations, cultural associations, and worldwide business communities. Dr. Koomar is achieving and creating a mark in international films, fashion, business, and the social spectrum has been the hallmark of his Excellency.

He was appointed as the International governor and Board Advisor of Boracay beach inc. Group of companies. And appointed as the International ambassador to the Prince Thanora humanitarian association conferred by His Royal Highness Prince Norodom Thanora. The prince also is the ambassador to the royal secretarial of his majesty the king Norodom Sihamoni – The Royal house of Cambodia. Mr. Koomar is the most influential international celebrity, who has fraternized with the esteemed royal houses, corporate companies, arts, cultural and sports associations, humanitarian organizations, chamber of commences, and several other renowned business communities. In addition to the above-mentioned accolades, Mr.Koomar was appointed as the Global youth leader and the Global Ambassador for the ARISTON UNIVERSITY and recognized for his outstanding dedication and inspiration to the young leaders around the world by Mr. John Kalaras. Mr. John was the business advisor to the former President of the United States of America Mr. George W. Bush. Mr. John has been felicitated by the United Nations as the Best Professor of the year 1999.

In 2021. Dr. Mikki Koomar successfully Completed the Examination for the Position of the International Chief General Commissioner the examination was Conducted and interviewed by the International Police Organization, National Institute of Scientific Police, and Counter Crime Intelligence Organization. And He has been appointed as the International Chief General Commissioner at the National Institute of Scientific Police in Colombia – An official partner with the International Police Organization.

Mikki Koomar is felicitated with the dignity and title of “Dom”(Don) from now henceforth, He will be addressed as Sir Mikki Koomar, this honor has been conferred by HIRH Genesis API Dawuda. HIRH Cardinal Professor Prince Genesis Api Dawuda is the International President Centre for World Rebirth, which is recognized by United Nations and Group Chair Unified Theological Seminary, custodian of the Jukum-Hwaye Dynasty of Holy Kwararafa Empire. Nobility was recognized by the In Hoc Signo Vinces Order and the Portuguese Nobles of the House of Solomon. Recognized by the Dinastia Gold Ferrari Habsburg Lorena Bourbon Tudor, Confederation Dem Reinos Unidos(CRU).

Honorary Royal Chaplain to His Majesty The Omukama, Dr. Rukirabasaija Agutamba Solomon Gafabusa Iguru I, of the kingdom of Bunyoro-Kitara(Ruler of Hoima, Masindi, Kibaale, Buliisa, Kiryandongo, Kagadi, and Kakumiro) in Uganda. Appointed Extraordinary Plenipotentiary and Special Advisor of the ARKBK(Association of the Representatives of the Kingdom of Bunyoro- Kitara worldwide.) Grand Spiritual is Prior of the Royal House Guan Achinech and Prior of the Royal Order of TINERFE the Great. Count-Palatine and Knight of the Grand Cross by S.A.R.S Samuel Lovato, Italy. Recognized by the Real Sovereign Imperial House of Borghese. Grand Nephew of Her Majesty Queen Mother, Ayoku Atsi, wife of Aku Uka of Wukari HRM Mass Ibi Agbunshu 1940-1945, wife of HRM Atoshi Agbunshu 1945-1960, wife of HRM Adibyewi Agbunshu 1960-1970. Grand Nephew of HRM Puna Tati wife of HRM Audu Gyaa Ahmadu Kufang II 1938-1963, Ukwe of Takum.

Mikki Koomar marks his sensational presence on the cover page for an American fashion magazine called “PROLIFIC QUARTERLY” and got featured on digital advertising in America. At Present he is working on his upcoming International forthcoming project called ‘LEO”. This will be one of the biggest International Action films ever.

Mikki Koomar has been awarded the Human Excellence Golden Award by the Nelson Mandela Peace University, affiliated with the United Nations. Dr. Koomar received a Higher Honorary Doctorate Degree in Sports (Martial Arts) from the French University E. S. Robert de Sorbon, along with Member of Parliament Mr. Manoj Tiwari. Mikki Koomar has been appointed the international Brand Ambassador for the UK based CANBUILD Group, one of the biggest infrastructure companies in the world. He will be the responsible and authorised person to deal with the infrastructure and construction projects with international companies all over the world. CANBUILD is an international construction company, formed in 1992, that specialises in fast-track projects, utilising prefabrication techniques across the globe, with projects undertaken throughout Southeast Asia, the Middle East, the USA, Europe, and the United Kingdom.


Mikki Koomar is working on his upcoming nternational project, “Sustainable Fashion Film,” which the company is about to produce for the COP 28 and screen at the COP 29. The film will also be screened at the Cannes International Film Festival, and the sustainable fashion show and film will be showcased at New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, and Milan Fashion Week. Sustainable fashion is one of the key areas at COP28 for fashion-centric sectors in the sustainable value chain. Our vision through the film would be to create awareness about sustainable fashion; if clothing brands really wanted to make a difference, they would switch to more natural, eco-friendly materials, such as cotton, linen, or wool. These types of natural fibres will break down eventually, but the synthetic ones will stay around forever.

Personal Details

Name : Mikki Koomar

He got the name as Mickey from his father because he likes to watch Hollywood action films and got influenced by Hollywood Actor Mickey Rourke. Mikki’s Mother strongly believed in Numerology, So changed his name from Mickey Kumar to Mikki Koomar. Mikki is the English name with the meaning of gift from God.

Nick Name : MK, Mr. Koomar

Date of birth : 20th February 1989

Birthplace : Mumbai, India

Nationality : Indian

Occupation : International Model & Entrepreneur

International Model, Actor, Producer, Martial Artist, Dance Performer, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist.

Education : TCSC

Mikki Koomar has completed his education from Mumbai’s of the most reputed and known colleges called “Thakur College of Science and Commerce, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in commerce.

Degree : Martial arts

Mikki Koomar  has completed his special Martial arts training from Bangkok, He is the 3rd Dan Black Belt in Korean Taekwondo arts from Kukkiwon International Headquarters – Korea and 1st Dan Black Belt in Shotokan Karate Do- International federation – Japan

Diploma : Anupam Kher’s Actor Prepares

Mikki Koomar has completed fulltime Acting Diploma from International Actor Anupam Kher’s Actor prepares and Received Momentous in Theater Round for his acting performance.

Age : 32 (in 2021)

Sun sign : Pieces

Moon sign : Leo

Marital status : Unmarried

Languages : Hindi, English, Portuguese

Activates : Daily Exercise, Dancing

Passion : Exploring the world

Trademark : International Icon

The most important lesson he’s learned about life :  “That  life is all about Experience”

Physical Appearance

Biceps : 16 inches

Eyes color : Black

Hair color : Black

Body Type : Athlete

Height : 5' 8" (172.18 cm)

Weight : 75Kg

Chest : 40 inches

Waist : 30 inches


His Family :-

Mikki’s Parents are Urrmila Sagar and Rram Sagar, His father Dr. Rram Sagar is a Theater Actor, writer turned Interior Decorator in Indian film industry, and Mother Dr. Urrmila Sagar is a House wife and Social Activist.

Mikki Koomar is the elder of 4 (four) siblings, a sister Dr. Durgaa Koomar a Successful Professor and Social Activist just like her mother.
His younger brother Dr. Rocky Koomar is a recipient of the Indian Achiever Award as the youngest Entrepreneur of India at the Constitution Club of India – Delhi. This award was conferred to him by the Delhi BJP President, Member of Parliament and Actor Shri Manoj Tiwari

His other sibling Mr. Rrahul Koomar is an Athlete – a State Level Chess and a Boxing Gold Medalist for the Nation.

Favorite Things

Favorite Dish

Khao Pad Sapparot, Chinese cuisine and Italian cuisine

Favorite Restaurant

Thai Chef - Brazil

Favorite Sweets

Sodie Doces - Brazil

Favorite Cookies

Kopenhagen Cookies and Chocolates – Brazil

Favorite Beverages

Coconut water and Virgin mojito

Favorite Desserts

Lemon Pie with Vanila ice-cream

Favorite Vegetable

Spinach and Broccoli

Favorite Fruits

Apple, Mango, Pineapple, Berries

Favorite Dry Fruits

Almonds, Pista and Apricots

Favorite Subject


Favorite Outfit

Jeans and a T-shirt

Favorite Places

Rio de janeiro , Paris and London

Favorite Brands

Versace and Apple

Favorite Holiday Sports

Pacific Islands and the Caribbean

Favorite Actors

Akshay Kumar, Aamir Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Govinda, Tom Cruise, Al pacino, Kamal Haasan, Hugh Jackman

Favorite Wrestler

John Cena, The Rock

Favorite TV Show

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, So You Think You Can Dance

Favorite Actress

Priyanka Chopra, Jennifer Lawrence

Favorite Singer

Lionel Richie, Enrique iglesias, Sonu Nigam, Justin timberlake, Russ, Jay Sean

Favorite Pop Stars

Jennifer Lopez, Britney’s Spears, Shakira

Favorite Part of a woman’s body

Expressive eyes

Favorite Pet


Favorite Colors

Red and white

Favorite Cologne

1 Million Lucky By Paco Rabanne, Yves Saint Laurent Y Eau De Toilette, Versace Eros Eau de Toilette, English Laundry Oxford Bleu

Favorite Shower Gel


Favorite Face Wash

Sabonete Líquido em Espuma Lemon Pie

Favorite Movie Character (That he wants to play)

Super Hero / Lord Krishna

Favorite Movie Directors

Rakesh Roshan, S. Shankar, Sanjay Leela Bansali, James Cameron, Steven Spielberg

Favorite Songs

Hello - Lionel Richie, Bella Ciao

Favorite Movies

The Walk, Avatar, life of Pi, DDLJ, The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

Favorite Super Hero